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0600 : Teleshopping


0630 : Teleshopping


0700 : Teleshopping


0730 : Teleshopping


0800 : Teleshopping


0830 : Teleshopping


0900 : Longmire

Drama series. Walt investigates a roadside shooting near the casino. Cady is inspired by the unresolved rape case to do more to help the people on the reservation. (S4 Ep 7)

1010 : Law&Order

US crime drama. An investigation into a triple homicide seems to implicate a politician, but as Lupo and Green dig deeper, they realise that he is not the killer. (S18 Ep 6)

1110 : Law&Order

American crime drama. The team go undercover to investigate a hit and run, but a surprising twist brings the US Attorney's office into play. (S18 Ep 7)

1210 : CSI: New York

Vegas Meets New York (Pt 2): US drama. D B Russell visits New York in a joint effort to find Mac's missing girlfriend as Mac's principles are put to the test. (S9 Ep 15)

1305 : NCIS

US drama series following the navy's dedicated federal agency. The team investigates the kidnapping of a Marine's daughter. (S4 Ep 6)

1400 : Cedar Cove

US drama series. Olivia has to pass judgement on the legality of Warren's plans to demolish the lighthouse to make way for a housing development. (S1 Ep 2)

1500 : The Mysteries of Laura

Comedy drama series about a brilliant NYPD homicide detective with a chaotic home life. A computer software mogul is murdered during a dinner party at his home. (S1 Ep 1)

1600 : Law&Order

US drama series about the investigation and prosecution of crime. A bizarre investigation begins when a legal aid strike ends with the death of a paralegal. (S18 Ep 16)

1700 : Law&Order

US drama series. The detectives hit the internet to investigate whether an online romance led to a mechanic's murder. (S18 Ep 17)

1800 : CSI: New York

Danny, Flack, and Lindsay encounter a rapidly-melting crime scene when a model is found dead at an ice-themed promotional party for vodka, apparently stabbed by an icicle. (S3 Ep 3)

1900 : NCIS

Drama series. The team learns that ten kilos of highly toxic chemical weapons have fallen into the hands of a terrorist and races against time to stop him. (S4 Ep 13)

2000 : NCIS

US drama series following the navy's dedicated federal agency. Ducky must go undercover to stop the sale of the navy's new weapons system to an arms dealer. (S4 Ep 14)

2100 : New: Chicago Fire

Drama series. Casey's fears grow as the extent of his memory loss becomes apparent, while Shay processes the news that she has been left a large sum of money. (S2 Ep 12)

2200 : Law&Order: Special Victims Unit

Drama series about an elite sex crime unit. Benson becomes suspicious of a detective's involvement when a district attorney is found dead after falling from a parking garage. (S12 Ep 14)

2300 : Law&Order: Special Victims Unit

Police drama series about an elite sex crime unit based in New York. An influential billionaire threatens to buy his way to freedom after being accused of trafficking women. (S12 Ep 15)

0000 : Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour

Crime drama series. A serial sniper, who is targeting residents in Chicago, turns his attention to Mick and the Red Cell team. (S1 Ep 4)

0100 : CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

US crime drama series. Catherine and Nick investigate the death of a young woman; Grissom hunts a brutal killer; and a man pulls the plug on his wife's life support machine. (S9 Ep 2)

0200 : CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

The team probes a series of murders where the bodies have been posed. An artist becomes a suspect when the CSIs learn he has his models pose as dead bodies. (S9 Ep 3)

0300 : Chicago P.D.

Crime drama series revolving around a police intelligence unit led by a controversial sergeant. The team discover a stash of ammunition designed to kill police officers. (S1 Ep 3)

0400 : Teleshopping


0430 : Teleshopping


0500 : Teleshopping


0530 : Teleshopping


0600 : Teleshopping


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