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The British TV Members Forum is a place where members can meet up in one place and discuss all kinds of topics, including, TV topics, movies, take part in forum games, share links to other channels and lots more. There is also a support forum which allows the community to help one another and an ExPat group of forums separated into categories of countries worldwide.

Our forum area offers more channels, a place to discuss TV and a much faster and advertising free theme. We just ask for 99p a week per member to help towards server costs and site improvements. You will gain instant access to our forum area and 7 days free to try it out with no risk.

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  • A forum that will eventually become full of useful TV resources
  • A forum that will become fun and engaging for everyone
  • A much better theme for watching TV channels with more channels

Please don’t feel that you have to join the forum, this part of the website is totally optional, however, joining and becoming a regular contributor will help keep this site alive for the long term, advertising free, fast, user friendly, regular improvements and new features.

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When you become a registered member and make any payments to us, you are not paying to use Filmon or any other TV channels, all channels are available for free from our homepage. Paid membership is strictly to access our forum, discuss topics with other members and be part of a community that is spam free, informative and fun.

We do not guarantee any TV channels on any part of our site. Should a TV channel cease to broadcast, we are not responsible. All TV streams are legally embedded on our site from partner networks and we have no control over uptime, quality or the content on any channel.