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Some frequently asked questions with answers aboutĀ our website, British TV Channels

There haveĀ been many people asking questions about our website on social networks, so hopefully this page will answer some of the most asked questions about British TV Channels and using our website to enjoy watching UK TV online.

How can you provide British TV Channels for us to watch online legally and for free outside the UK?

We are partners of Filmon and though their API, we are allowed to create websites and re-stream Filmon channels within our websites. Filmon pays a lot of money to obtain licenses to legally broadcast live UK TV online and as a partner we are able to do this legally. None of the streams are actually being broadcast from our server, the streams are coming directly from Filmon. Filmon does not require a subscription to watch British TV channels online in standard definition, therefor, we can offer them for free. If the channel is blocked in your country, Filmon does not own the license to broadcast that certain channel in that country.

What UK channels can I watch online for free?

You can watch all of the main channels, including, BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5. In total, there are 40 UK TV channels available to watch online for free. Simply choose a channel from our menu, click or tap it to watch it live.

Can I watch UK TV online abroad without a TV license?

The answer to this is YES! As we use Filmon to broadcast the channels, Filmon is legally licensed to do this without a TV license disclaimer. You are free to enjoy watching all UK TV channels, if they work in your country, without a TV license.

When I click a channel it shows only a black screen, how can I fix this?

If you are using a Mac or Windows device, you will need Adobe Flash installed and activated in your browser to watch live TV. You can download and install Adobe Flash from here. You must download, install and enable the flash plugin in your browser. After installing Adobe Flash, simply click the TV stream, anywhere over the black box, and follow the instructions to enable flash player.

Can I watch British TV Channels on my Smart TV?

This depends on the model of the TV. LG does not support flash, however, a good workaround is to install Google Chrome and use this browser instead of the default Smart TV browser. In most cases, this will fix the problem so that you can watch live UK TV for free on your Smart TV!

When I load a channel, it just says “Oops not available in your region yet!” How can I fix this?

You will get the “Oops this channel is not available in your region yet”, because Filmon does not have a license to broadcast the channel in your country. There is a fix, however, it is a bit of a grey area. Using a UK VPN would give you a UK IP address which would then allow you to watch UK TV channels just as you would be able to in the UK. A VPN hides your real IP address and diverts all of your traffic through a datacenter in a different country. All sent and received internet traffic will run through that datacenter before hitting the Filmon stream, basically, it will look as though you are actually in the UK when you are actually abroad.

Why should I use British TV Channels when I could just use the Filmon website?

You could use the Filmon website directly if you like, however, you may notice that our website,, has a much easier user interface and less clutter. We only have the UK channels listed in our menu, making it easier for you to find the channel you want to watch. Our website has also been optimised to work on mobile phones and tablets, try it out on any device and you will notice how easy it is to use and how much higher quality the streams are compared to any other site offering free UK TV channels online.

Will you be adding any sports channels so I can watch Live Premier League football and Rugby?

Unfortunately, the only TV channels we can add to the site are ones that are available legally through Filmon and Youtube. If any sports channels become available, they will be added. We do, however, offer links to various websites in our forum, but do not guarantee the safety, legality or quality of these third party websites offering live sports and Premier League football streams.

If you have any further questions you can contact us here or join our forum here and contribute towards helping make this the best place online to watch all UK TV Channels online for free!