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Doctor Knowles and Professor McCork get to the bottom of life's questions. Knowles and McCork ask 'Why do we cry?' and learn how we shed tears. Also in HD. [S]

16/26. Tunnel: Animated series. As the Nektons explore a mysterious tunnel behind a huge undersea waterfall, strange creatures and strong currents surprise them at every turn. Also in HD. [S]

Animated series. Dennis discovers that Ralf the janitor is the legendary Prankmaster General and is told he could become his successor. Only Walter stands in the way. Also in HD. [S]

Topical news magazine for children. Also in HD. [S]

Animated series. When the other danger agents become super-smart due to genetically enhanced celery, Danger Mouse might need to find a new job. Also in HD. [AD,S]

2/20. Viking for Hire: Animated adventures of Hiccup and his dragon Toothless. Now that dragon-killing is no longer necessary, Hiccup tries to find a new job for Gobber. Also in HD. [S]

Topical news magazine for children. Also in HD. [S]

The country's best young bakers go head to head. It is the second quarter-final and five more bakers enter the Bake Off tent to face the judges. Also in HD. [S]

7/10. Dr Who: Children organise a wedding for their unmarried parents or step-parents. A Dalek and a Cyberman are among the guests at this Doctor Who-themed same-sex wedding. Also in HD. [S]

12/13. Historical sketch show. A Victorian woman books a ticket on a very odd railway, and a modern patient is (mis)treated by a Roman dentist. Also in HD. [AD,S]

Documentary following Scottish teenager Iona, who is training for the World Junior Surf Championships in the Azores. Also in HD. [AD,S]

Reality-style drama series. Amanda tries to figure out Noah's true feelings for her. LaTroy lies to Sloane about a date. Also in HD. [S]

12/13. The Invitation: Drama set in a children's home. Mike gets an MBE, but Tracy's plan to let the young people decide who should go with him to the palace doesn't go smoothly. Also in HD. [AD,S]

Comedy series. When Lily and Martha get the flu, Maxwell and Cassie are roped in to replace them in the school's general knowledge quiz. Also in HD. [AD,S]

12/13. Camping: Comedy series. Nero, Dexter and the boys go camping, but teachers Nunn and Bell tag along - with disastrous results. Also in HD. [S]

2/5. E-Waste: Five kids work and live with the people in Ghana who make their favourite things. The kids work on a toxic e-waste site where old technology can end up. [S]

4/10. Borneo Jungle: Naomi Wilkinson continues her global search for nightmares of the natural world. This time she heads deep into the rainforests of Borneo. Also in HD. [S]

Magic tricks from around the world. Hans Klok attempts a new world record for the number of grand illusions in five minutes. Also in HD. [S]

2/20. Four of the UK's hottest magicians take to the streets, plus they teach a Trick of the Trade to fool others. For this, kids will need one apple, two cups and a piece of paper. [S]

1/17. Round One: Quiz show. In this first heat, Halton Holegate Church of England Primary School from Lincolnshire take on Newbridge Preparatory School from the West Midlands. Also in HD. [S]

Ben, Al and Haruka witness record attempts from around the world. Star Wars stuntwoman Chloe Bruce attempts a ninja record. Also in HD. [S,SL]

Lindsey joins Awesome Animation competition winner Rory on the red carpet, and Radzi gives indoor surfing a go. Get ready for plenty of wipeouts! Also in HD. [S,SL]

Comedy series. When Lily and Martha get the flu, Maxwell and Cassie are roped in to replace them in the school's general knowledge quiz. Also in HD. [AD,S,SL]

3/25. Books: Zig and Zag report to Planet Zog about books and their uses on Earth. They discover they are full of words, stories and adventures. Also in HD. [S]

The Odd Squad investigate strange events. When the agents are accidentally transported to the future, they need to work out what day it is or risk a catastrophe! Also in HD. [AD,S]

10/20. Arthur Calls It: Animated adventures of a young aardvark. Pressure from his classmates has Arthur doubting his decision to call Buster out during a baseball game. Also in HD. [S]

9/20. Stop-motion animation. The thrill-seeking eggs take up bungee jumping, the potato racers whizz around and Mr Strawberry serenades Mrs Strawberry. Also in HD. [S]

7/26. Fanzillas: Animated adventures of two aliens on Earth. Zig and Zag become football superfans. They learn that it is all about the winning and not just the taking part. Also in HD. [S]

Quirky quizzes and gory games. Rattus pitches a disgusting new show idea to Dave, while Affan, John Oscar and Elisabeth compete to win Year Spheres. Also in HD. [S]

Topical news magazine for children. Also in HD. [S]

9/15. Turkish Den: Joe and Lauren design dens for children. Ten-year-old Dilara wants a Turkish Den where she can share her passion for Turkey with her friends. Also in HD. [S]

Comedy drama series. Instead of having a big joint party, Matt and Chris decide to celebrate their birthdays separately this year. Also in HD. [AD,S]

8/16. A quick blast of epicness, where experts demonstrate how to play the sitar, do an orange trick and how to shear a sheep. Also in HD. [S]

The doctors reveal the special cells in your eyes which help you see, and they find out what it takes to be a hospital entertainer. Also in HD. [S]

Animated series. Dennis accidentally becomes an internet star, but his moment of fame is short and he has to stage the best stunt yet to gain back his audience. Also in HD. [S]

Penfold falls under the spell of Quark's latest money-making scheme. Also in HD. [AD,S]

19/52. Homework from Hell: Animated series. Luke is used to putting off his homework but the more he puts it off, the bigger the burden grows, until it turns into a monster. Also in HD. [S]

Animated series. The Nektons discover that a gigantic creature is responsible for a lightning storm that has been raging for hundreds of years. Also in HD. [S]

Mysterious stories. Esme, the world's worst babysitter, takes a job with a nice new family, however this time she could be out-foxed. Also in HD. [S]

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