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0600 : Hollyoaks

DS Armstrong is nearly caught by Tegan when up to his old tricks, and Marnie is overwhelmed when she receives some true kindness.

0630 : Coach Trip

The tourists are on top of the world in Aix-en-Provence after a hot air balloon ride. Brendan proves he's an old master at a painting class, and the vote leaves one couple seething.

0700 : Made in Chelsea

The 100th episode of the show sees Alik forced to return to New York after almost a year in Chelsea, leaving Louise to face life in the Royal Borough alone. (S9 Ep11/12)

0800 : Rules of Engagement

When Jeff can't escape from the lease for a retail space he once rented, he and Adam invent a new game involving the heads of mannequins.

0830 : Rules of Engagement

Audrey is upset when Jeff is too distracted to help find a surrogate, but a conversation with one of his softball team-mates leads to an unexpected resolution.

0900 : Melissa&Joey

Mel and Joe are shocked to discover that Lennox's boyfriend Aidan spent the night in her bedroom. Holly declares that it's time for Ryder to start shaving. (S2 Ep3/15)

0930 : Melissa&Joey

When Joe starts to run Mel's finances he becomes convinced that her credit card statements reveal she is having an affair with a married man. (S2 Ep4/15)

1000 : Baby Daddy

Tucker arranges for Danny to be interviewed on a television chat show. Ben and Riley have a misunderstanding over Angela. (S3 Ep3/21)

1030 : Baby Daddy

Riley's company is hired to represent a preacher whose life is tainted by a scandal. Bonnie's new career in real estate hits problems. (S3 Ep4/21)

1100 : How I Met Your Mother

Marshall takes on Brad, who has become his nemesis, in the biggest case of his career, and the gang debate who was the biggest trouble maker as a teenager.

1130 : How I Met Your Mother

Ted fills in as baby Marvin's nanny as a favour to Lily and Marshall, while Robin is determined to get Barney back, no matter what it takes.

1200 : New Girl

Jess starts dating an unimpressive guy, but she soon falls in love with his perfect parents. Nick and Schmidt argue over how to run the bar. (S5 Ep2/22)

1230 : New Girl

Jess is excited when she reports for jury duty, Cece's messy habits around the flat push Nick over the edge, and Winston tries to hang a painting. (S5 Ep3/22)

1300 : Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Peralta and Jeffords tackle a cold case that everyone thinks is unsolvable, while Santiago plans a romantic weekend away with her new boyfriend Teddy.

1330 : Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Peralta suspects a civic leader of money laundering but his investigation is shut down by the police commissioner. Boyle's devastated when Vivian ends their relationship.

1400 : The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon gets excited when Stephen Hawking agrees to play against him in an online game. Penny signs up for a class at community college. (S6 Ep6/24)

1430 : The Big Bang Theory

Amy is upset when Sheldon fails to defend her in an argument with Wil Wheaton during the filming of a new episode of Fun with Flags. (S6 Ep7/24)

1500 : How I Met Your Mother

As their wedding day approaches, Robin tells Barney that she wants to begin their married life in a new home. Lily's new job takes its toll on her marriage.

1530 : How I Met Your Mother

Barney asks Ted to go with him to see a Robots Versus Wrestlers show. Marshall and Robin argue over the invention of a new cocktail at McLaren's bar.

1600 : New Girl

Jess applies to work at a progressive school but learns the head teacher is dating her ex. When Nick gets a cold, Schmidt quarantines the gang. (S5 Ep13/22)

1630 : New Girl

Jess tries to clear her name when she is served with a restraining order by her ex-boyfriend. Nick and Schmidt plot against the owner of a new bar. (S5 Ep14/22)

1700 : 2 Broke Girls

Max, Caroline, Earl and Han help Oleg when he moves into Sophie's apartment, but Sophie objects to most of Oleg's possessions. (S4 Ep10/22)

1730 : 2 Broke Girls

Max and Caroline get into a legal battle with two teenagers who are making money by selling imitations of their cupcake T-shirts. (S4 Ep12/22)

1800 : The Big Bang Theory

Annoyed at being forced to celebrate Valentine's Day when he hates it, Sheldon delegates the task of buying Amy's gift to his assistant. (S6 Ep16/24)

1830 : The Big Bang Theory

After a terrible date with Lucy, Raj vows never to leave his flat again. Sheldon asks Penny to help him record a new episode of Fun with Flags. (S6 Ep17/24)

1900 : Hollyoaks

Hunter is devastated by Neeta's decision, while Prince returns and Lily breaks down in his arms. Cleo begs Shane to keep quiet, and the Cunninghams are looking for a lodger.

1930 : The Goldbergs

After getting telephone answering machines, Murray and Pop-Pop (guest star Judd Hirsch) wage a message war on one another. (S4 Ep4/24)

2000 : The Big Bang Theory

While being interviewed for a documentary on Star Trek character Mr Spock, Sheldon can't suppress his emotions about his split from Amy. (S9 Ep7/24)

2030 : The Big Bang Theory

A stressed Howard freaks out over Bernadette's announcement and becomes convinced that he needs to start earning more money. (S9 Ep16/24)

2100 : Mission: Impossible II

John Woo's action-thriller stars Tom Cruise as superspy Ethan Hunt, who is tasked with retrieving a genetically modified disease from a group of terrorists. With Thandie Newton.

2330 : Easy A

Comedy. A pupil (Emma Stone) lies to a friend about losing her virginity. But the rumour mill spreads the untruth around school, earning her unexpected notoriety. Sexual references.

0125 : The Big Bang Theory

When Leonard can't drive Sheldon to and from work, the friends stage an intervention to overcome Sheldon's fear of getting behind the wheel. (S2 Ep5/23)

0155 : The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon's friends are mystified when a younger student is attracted to him, but her intense devotion soon becomes too much to bear. (S2 Ep6/23)

0225 : Gogglebox

What do Britain's favourite viewers think of Tonight at the London Palladium, Theresa May's appearance on The One Show, Britain's Got Talent, King Charles III and First Dates? (S9 Ep12)

0320 : Rude Tube: Cats v Dogs - The...

...Rematch - Brand new series: Canine and feline face off to decide who rules the internet. Includes a bulldog addicted to licking his owner's head and America's angriest cats. (S11 Ep6/10)

0410 : Rules of Engagement

When Jeff can't escape from the lease for a retail space he once rented, he and Adam invent a new game involving the heads of mannequins.

0430 : Rules of Engagement

Audrey is upset when Jeff is too distracted to help find a surrogate, but a conversation with one of his softball team-mates leads to an unexpected resolution.

0455 : Melissa&Joey

Mel and Joe get into an unexpected property dispute with their neighbour. Ryder makes a short film about not texting while driving, starring Lennox. (S1 Ep28/30)

0515 : Melissa&Joey

Lennox plans to go to an all-night party with her boyfriend. Holly grows jealous when she and Ryder allow another girl into their study group. (S1 Ep29/30)

0600 : Rude(ish) Tube

Rude Tube's naughty little sister continues the series. In this show, there's a storm chaser caught in an incredible tornado and a dog that can do maths.

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