Advertise on British TV Channels!

Promote your business, service, blog, website, Facebook page or classifieds on British TV Channels to over 100,000 expats around the world!

Our system is not only low cost but fair. We offer a choice of advertising models:


Cost Per Click (recommended)

Cost per click is a flat rate fee per click on your advert. You will only pay when someone clicks your advert and visits your link.

Cost Per Impression (CPM)

CPM works on a cost per impression basis. For example, you pay €5 for 1000 impressions of your advert. Even if your advert is clicked 1000 times, you will still only pay €5.

Cost Per Day

Your advert will remain in the rotation system for the selected amount of days you choose. You will not pay any more than the selected plan, no matter how many clicks or impressions your advert receives.


Where do our visitors come from?

The graph below is taken from Google Analytics for the month of May 2017 and includes the top 10 countries of where our visitors come from.

This is an indication to where visitors to your advert will most likely come from.


What can you advertise on British TV Channels?

  • You can advertise anything that is not in direct competition with our website or community. Maybe you run a bar, restaurant, food service, expats advice website, travel blog, Facebook fan page, affiliate website, events or anything that is not in direct competition with our business model.
  • You cannot advertise TV websites, streaming services, IPTV, VPN services, expat communities or adult related content.


Where are adverts placed on British TV Channels?

Sidebar on all pages

Sidebar ads appear on the left hand side of our site in desktop and below the fold on mobile devices. Sidebar ads will appear on all pages of our community and main website, including the TV channels, groups and activity feed. There are no more than 24 adverts in our system at any time. Adverts are displayed statistically even, giving the same exposure for all adverts over time.

Block Ads

Block ads are placed at the bottom of our pages on the community and main website and are higher priced due to the fact that we only allow 9 ads in the block ad system. If you are looking for more impressions, Block Ads are where you should advertise.

Where do I start?

We have teamed up with to deliver a much better advertising experience to our advertisers.

>> To create your advert you can do this here. <<

Note: Best image ratio is around 400 x 300 pixels (rectangle), experiment with different image sizes until your advert looks good.

When you launch an advert on British TV Channels, you will be sent a link via email with a unique web address where you can see all stats in real time. Stats include impressions and clicks so you can monitor your advertising campaign easily and accurately.

Advertising on British TV Channels is a great way to bring visitors from the expat and TV niche to what you have on offer. Our system is fair and internal. Buying advertising on British TV Channels helps towards the on-going costs of keeping the main website running and pays for our coffees! Thank you 🙂


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