How to watch UKTV abroad on your television

We look at 3 easy and affordable ways to enjoy British TV abroad on your television.

There are many options available to watch British TV Channels abroad, however, you may prefer to use your television to enjoy British TV, rather than using a laptop, mobile or tablet.

If you are looking for other solutions, read on below:

Below are some ways that you can watch UKTV abroad on your Television, with or without our service…

Android TV Box

With an Android TV box you can plug it straight into your television and access UKTV with a remote control, just as you would normally using any TV service. The good thing about using an Android TV box is that you are not limited to a browser based service, you can download apps and KODI plugins that access many different services, giving you many more channels to choose from.

The best Android box on the market is the KII PRO DVB-S2 T2 Combo TV Box Amlogic S905 Quad Core Hybrid Set Top Box. The KII not only has Android as the operating system, it also allows you to plugin a satellite dish or Antenna to receive “Free to air” transmissions and run KODI plus any Android app from Google Play. Some of the apps available, include, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Filmon and you can access our site through the built in browser.


  • Many apps are available through Google Play
  • KODI is available which can give you access to live sports and movies
  • The KII allows you to connect the box up to a television antenna or satellite dish to receive “free to air” channels
  • The system will work on 1 meg internet and above
  • Cheaper than IPTV and most apps are free


  • KODI has a lot of streams but many will buffer, even on a high internet connection
  • Constant updates will slow down your TV experience
  • Installing anything on KODI is not too easy
  • Navigation and page loads can be slow and the TV guide can be confusing
  • Many streams and services on KODI can be illegal
KII Android TV Box
KII PRO DVB-S2 T2 Combo TV Box CCCAM Amlogic S905 Quad Core Hybrid Set Top Box


IPTV Through a MAG254 Box

IPTV simply means “Internet Protocol Television” and is used to stream channels directly over the internet to your TV using a set top box, normally the Mag254 as standard. There are many providers who will give you hundreds of channels, including all UK channels plus Sky, Bein Sports and just about every premier league game, if you like football.

The only problem with using an IPTV system, many of the server suppliers are sending out illegal streams, so you have to be careful to who you choose as your portal provider. When you buy a Mag254, sometimes they come with a gift, others are just the box and you have to search for a portal provider. When it is setup, it is as simple to use as any set top box and has a very good EPG.


  • Really easy to use and you get a lot more channels
  • TV guide is normally built into every channel and is easy to follow


  • Many providers are illegal
  • Buffering is a problem on internet connections under 3 megs
  • Channels will freeze at busy times
  • Mag254 boxes are not as cheap as an Android TV box
  • Portal providers can cost you up to €300 a year
  • Not as easy to setup a portal
  • No access to Android apps on Google Play
  • No access to “free to air” channels through satellite dish or antenna

Mag 254 IPTV Set Top Box


HDMI Cable from your Laptop to a Television

By far the easiest way and also the free way to watch UKTV on your Television from abroad is to just wire your laptop or any HDMI capable device direct to your TV. Preferably a laptop should be used in this case as the screen resolution will not pixelate as much as a smaller device.

You can also buy a keyboard remote for your laptop, leave the laptop hidden by the TV, sit back and control the channel selection from the remote control. You can even our website to watch all British TV Channels for free on your television, if you are in Europe or Asia.


  • If you this website UK TV Live, it is cheap but only accepts crypto, however you do get some free time.
  • Use any website on your TV, you are not just limited to the above link.
  • Laptops generally have much higher specifications than any TV box giving you less buffering and faster channel loading


  • Your laptop is in use for the TV only, if you only have a laptop, it is TV or internet browsing only
  • It is messy, unless you can hide your laptop somewhere when its plugged into the TV
  • Unless you buy a remote control keyboard, you can only change the channels via the laptop

Should you decide to connect your laptop to a TV, we recommend you buy a keyboard remote

2.4G Wireless Air Keyboard Mouse
2.4G Wireless Air Keyboard Mouse



These are all tried and tested ways to enjoy watching UKTV from abroad or in the UK. There are many more options, however, for accessibility and price, the above three options are really all you need. You could install a huge 3 metre satellite dish, however, this is not legal for most channels and satellites are constantly being moved by the broadcasting companies to ensure that only UK residence can enjoy UKTV.


We hope this information is of some help to you, thank you for reading.