BBC News

BBC News

BBC News is a 24 hour news channel launched in 1997.

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Press the play button to start the channel

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Please note that the stream will play for a couple of seconds, go off and then back on again.

When you press the play button above, the channel will load in a popup, make sure popups are allowed in your browser.

If you are using a mobile phone or tab, tilt your screen horizontally so that you can view the full stream.

In the top right there is a full screen button, you may need to drag the popup window to the right to find it.

You can close the popup window by either pressing your escape key “ESC” or pressing the “X” button on the bottom right of the popup window.

If you hear the channel sound before or after closing the popup, this is because some devices autoplay the stream. Simply click the play button to cancel the autoplay stream and the channel will load in the popup window or change channel. If you still hear the sound and cannot view the channel, refresh the page and press the play button again.

BBC News was formally known as BBC News 24 (until 2008) and is a news channel broadcasting news from the United Kingdom 24 hours a day. BBC News was the first news channel to compete with the already launched Sky News TV channel.

“Each hour consists of headlines on each quarter-hour, extended at the top of the hour to form the main part of the daily schedule though these are interspaced with other programmes, generally at weekends. This will be often be displaced by rolling news coverage including reports and live interviews. This channel also provides half-hourly weather summaries by forecasters from the BBC Weather centre and the sports news from the BBC Sport centre at MediaCityUK. At 21:25 a global weather forecast is broadcast and 21:55 Weather for the Week Ahead is broadcast.” (WIKIPEDIA)

Programmes on BBC News include the following..

  • Breakfast
  • Britains City of Culture
  • Click
  • The Week in Parliament
  • Inside Out
  • Sportsday
  • Meet the Author
  • Our World
  • News at 10
  • The Papers
  • Film Review
  • Reporters
  • Newsday
  • Asia Business Report

You can watch all BBC News live on this page for free in most countries worldwide.

BBC News
BBC News