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Please help us spread the word about our website

British TV Channels offers a unique way to watch British TV on your mobile, tab or desktop for free. No annoying ads on the streams, most of the major UK channels and works in many different countries around the world.

The entire website has been built for user friendliness and compatibility with any device. There is no software to download, unless your device requires flash, you will need to download and install Adobe flash from here. Flash is only used on Mac or Windows laptops, any other device should allow the channels to load without any extra software.

People ask why there is no registration

As our streams come from Filmon, there is no registration unless you signup to Filmon. We have taken the Filmon streams using their legal embed codes and basically pasted them onto our pages here at British TV Channels. It is an open website, static pages, there is no need for registration unless you either signup to Filmon or join our forum.


British TV Forum

We have put together an ad free forum for paying members only, charging €2 per week with a 7 day free trial, cancel any time. The forum has 27 sub forums, including, introductions, support, external TV links, games, discussions about TV soaps and movies and has ExPat forums for the main countries around the world. Obviously it will take a long time to get busy and for content to be added, but it will be a good place for many ExPats and people who love British TV. The €2 a week from each member will pay for the server costs and development of apps and additions to the site, keeping the site free of advertising. The forum will also be free of spammers and scammers because spammers and scammers never pay to use a forum, they will not pay to use ours! You can signup to the forum and get your 7 days free here cancel before the 7 days and you will not be charged. We would love an active community and in return, help with the costs of running the site, keeping it clean, ad free, fast and updated.

How to get people to the site

What we need is people to visit the site and enjoy free British TV channels around the world. To help us do that, please share our homepage or any of the channel pages on social networks, such as, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN and Google+. Your friends might thank you for introducing them to our site, hopefully!

Anyway, sharing is the best thing you can do to help us and it is greatly appreciated, thank you.