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Rather than place annoying advertising around the streams and to keep the website totally clean, we will keep the advertising completely separate to the main website and streams. This will make sure that the entire site is totally clean, fast loading and totally user friendly. If you do want to help us, you can become a paid member that gives you bigger streams, removes the ads around the streams and access to more channels here, share the site or visit one of our partner links from this page.

Part of what we do for a living is build apps and websites, this page is dedicated to other work that we have done. Downloading an app or visiting and sharing our other sites is a great help and greatly appreciated. Please take a look at some of our work below.

Movie TV Info

Movie TV Info is a website that gives you all the information from any movie, TV series, actor or actress. It is a imdb alternative and works great on mobile and tab. You can lose many hours of your time browsing and reading about everything in the movie and TV world! Give it a try and visit Movie TV Info here.

Good Free Apps

Good Free Apps is a website that has our complete portfolio of apps for both Android and iOS. The portfolio includes games, utilities and photo apps. Please take a look at our apps website here and you may find something useful, all the apps are free.

Social Network with Group Video Chat

One of our more fun websites is a social network based around video chat rooms. People from all over the world visit 1freechat to meet other people of different cultures. No registration required to enter the chat rooms, however, if you do decide to register, you will get access to all of the site features. Our chat site is totally free to use and enjoy! You can visit 1freechat here.

Premier League News

We have a football news site that delivers Premier League Football News every hour from various sources in one place. The site keeps you up to date with everything going on in the Premier League and is divided up into all 20 teams from the Premier League. If you are a football fan, take a look at PLNews.co.uk here.


CCTVCam.net (Caught on CCTV Camera)

This website is all about caught on camera videos that are grabbed from various sources and placed in categories. There are over a thousand videos to enjoy. It is a website that will give you hours upon hours of fun. Take a look at some of the unbelievable videos from ghost sitings, accidents, plain stupidity and lots more here.


Visiting any of our other sites or downloading an app is a great help, thank you.